Actualize the future.. the noöspheric future is now:
Howsoever you do be you, walk with us. Be the best future.

My site is on the way (it'll get here, don't worry) so you can soon expect me to explore tough questions such as the erosion of our civil liberties by Canada's burgeoning statist-establishment oligarchy, how much is too much, and how you can enforce your fundamental rights and freedoms. Keep checking back for updates, and until then you can just join me for a coffee to discuss how the world is changing, and how we can each affect the future of our consensus reality. Do you want to be a part of the present change?



Skilled as I am in deconstructing the subtle tapestry wove about our consensus reality, that knit betwixt this great land of Canada and we its temporal denizens, I may offer thou my humble counsel on something you hold of import.
Just drop me a note to find out how that I may assist, in how I can help you or your people confront the challenges of actualizing a glorious future.

How will you realize the beneficence of so many alternate futures?


Legal Leprechaun and Technical Philanthropist,
Oct. 2012

In 2012 I was married at St Ann's Parish but am presently located in Toronto-Centre and able to assist you in finding another, a better, an effective & comprehensive way, for you to reach a desired target.
Or just to offer you my jaded perspective with a comprehensive deconstructive analysis of you in your situ, thusly empowering you to realize, avoid, or to confront your future probabilities.

Quasi-Paralegal Juridical Analyst,
   Simplicit Solutions Ltd:
Mar. 2004
Jun. 2010

After leaving Black Press I journeyed back and forth studying between Victoria, BC and Toronto, ON before settling in Toronto. This culminated with the Toronto G20 debacle in 2010 after which I took some time in recuperation to evaluate my situation.


New Media Developer and Whipping Boy,
   Black Press Ltd:
Sep. 2002
Mar. 2004

In the year 2000 I was involved in a near-fatal car accident. This accident left me in a wheelchair and hemiplegic (unable to utilize the right side of my body) so I didn't attempt a return to work until 2002, but was caused ultimately to depart from Black Press in order to regain my mobility in 2004.

Production Floater, New Media and Technical Support,
   Island Publishers Ltd:
Feb. 1998
Nov. 2000

From 1998 thru 2000 I worked at Island Publishers as a New Media Developer producing internet content whilst providing additional support and maintenance, to a diverse digital infrastructure of more than a dozen News Group publications.
On November 1st, 2000 I was involved in a calamitous motor vehicle accident, necessitating my extended leave of absence from IPL.

Production Assistant and Technical Support,
   Sooke News Mirror:
Mar. 1996
Feb. 1998

I started off working with a local publication in 1996 as Production Assistant and Technical Support, helping production, editorial and even sales staff in the publishing of the weekly newspaper Sooke News Mirror as well as providing support and maintenance for a diverse digital infrastructure.

North St James Town
Toronto, ON   M4X 1W7

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